"I have the world's largest collection of seashells. I keep it on all the beaches of the world." - Steven Wright
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About the crew

The S/Y Scarlett crew is me, my wife and our two children. We're a Hungarian/Swedish family, living in Sweden.

Hungary is a landlocked country and sailing is not something an ordinary person would normally consider pursuing. It usually means the lake Balaton or an expensive hobby of the rich in the Mediterranean. It never occured to me that sailing would be of an interest, until I got inspired by a Hungarian sailor Áron Méder, who sailed around the world solo in his small 19ft boat, Carina, on a budget.

In Sweden water surrounds us and having a boat here is not that much of a luxury. Sweden has one of the highest number of boats per capita in the world. I went on a dinghy sailing course, then we took the courage and rented an Albin Express (a 26-foot sailboat with an outboard) for a long weekend and started exploring the archipelago around Stockholm. It was love at first sight.

We always loved to be close to nature, striving for self-sufficiency, and liked the idea to gather memories and experiences instead of stuff. All these things came together in being out on the water.

I took a practical sailing and VHF course and shortly we bought our first boat. After a few years we upgraded to the current boat and started our long journey of learning everything about boat maintenance, sailing and life afloat.