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New main halyard, with the mast up

We're lacking a main halyard and there were no pilot lines for pulling in one. The previous owner never hoisted the main? I should have noticed it before, but now we had no other option than to feed a new halyard with the mast is standing. Fortunately many boat clubs and marinas have a mast crane in Sweden, so you don't need to climb the mast.

We sewed a small chain to the end of the new halyard line (10mm Dyneema from Robline, 35 meters), so it's possible to catch it with a wire hook or a magnet at the exit hole on the deck. A few links is enough, we ended up leaving just 3, as having more makes it too heavy and it's difficult to feed it in.

Main halyard feed

One of us climbed the mast crane and started feeding the line until it reached the bottom (we have a keel stepped mast). Then started to slowly pull it back while the other one tried to grab the chain at the exit hole. It took us maybe 10 minutes to succeed. Now we can finally hoist the main!