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Propane system refit

We got a new propane tank and changed the regulator, leak finder, main shutoff switch and the hoses in the anchor locker. Later we might want to consider relocating the tank to the other side of the locker and add some more protection around it to be able to install a windlass. But the next step of this project will be to replace the hoses behind the propane stove.

Propane refit 1

There is a 3-way shutoff valve in our propane system which supplies both the stove and the Gastherm propane heater. The heater is connected via a copper tube, so the only flexible hose goes from the shoff valve towards the gimballed stove and it was due to replace it. I installed a new 10mm hose terminal to the 3-way valve as the old was 8mm and not the proper size for the hose which is 10mm on the stove's end. The valve was labeled and every connection was leakage tested after the assembly.

We have an internal battery powered gas alarm under the stove and now we got a second alarm installed in the head, where the Gastherm propane heater is located. This alarm runs from the boat's electrical system and is connected to the always-on busbars.

Propane refit 2