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Ventillators and smoke detector

Three old ventillators have been replaced last weekend, as they were falling apart due to UV damage and the plastic becoming brittle. I could get the exact same type of ventillators, so I went with those. No new holes to drill and hopefully these will do the job for another 10 years.

I was also considering changing them to solar vents, but I haven't read good reviews about them. They're usually much bigger (need a bigger hole) and according to many they tend to die after a year or two (either the battery or the fan motor gets loud) and doesn't worth the extra price tag.

Ventillator replacement 1
Ventillator replacement 2
Ventillator replacement 3

We're going to add some regular 12V car fans or portable fans inside if needed on warmer days

We already have a gas/propane alarm in the galley and now I also installed a battery powered smoke detector. Very easy and no drilling required, it's held in place with velcro.

Smoke alarm