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Project List

This is a list of the boat projects we're planning to complete a given year. Big projects may be carried over to the next year.


  • New Sprayhood (?)
  • Light wind sail (?)
  • Check chainplates
  • Replace forestay screws/nuts
  • Replace leaking raw water tap
  • Minor aesthetic repairs in the cockpit and engine room
  • New carpets


  • Replace toilet seals, add an anti siphon loop above waterline (done)
  • Replace the standing rigging (new upper and lower shrouds) (done)
  • Move the batteries to the saloon (done)
  • Install a new, below deck autopilot (done)
  • Create a new/split storage compartment in the aft locker next to the autopilot (done)
  • Re-varnish the cockpit table (done)
  • New curtains (done)


  • Finish all the paint jobs (red-stripes, transom, cockpit instrument holes) (done)
  • Paint the bottom (done)
  • Install a new bowsprit with an anchor roller (done)
  • Replace the running rigging, lead all (most) lines to the cockpit (done)
  • Replace the standing rigging (new rigging screws) (done)
  • Fix the fridge box leak (done)
  • Get new sails (done)
  • New lazy bag (done)
  • LED interior lights (ongoing)
  • Re-varnish the cockpit wood (cup holder box, compaionway hatch) (done)
  • Install a waste tank sensor (done)


  • Bilge and keel reinforcement (done)
  • Install new keel nut backing plates (done)
  • Reinforce the bilge with new structural members (done)
  • Re-bond the floor beams to the hull (done)
  • Fair/paint the bilge (done)
  • Install a new bilge pump (done)
  • Change the Sail Drive diaphragm, shaft seal, line cutter and anode (done)
  • Replace the rusty engine mount adjustment plates (done)
  • Check/clean the heat exchanger on the engine and bleed the system (done)
  • Finish the big electrical refit project (done)
  • Upgrade the generator on the engine (done)
  • Remove the old TWC regulator (done)
  • Move the positive busbar to the other side of the bulkhead (done)
  • Battery box and engine battery isolation switch (done)
  • Replace the wiring to the DC panel (done)
  • New DC panel (done)
  • Change all water hoses, the freshwater pump and taps, replace the water heater (done)
  • Install new seawater tap in the galley (done)
  • Finish the NMEA2000 cabling (done)
  • De-mount the steering pedestal to run NMEA2000 cabling inside (done)
  • Connect the VHF/AIS to the network (done)
  • Replace the propane hoses inside the boat, install a 2nd gas leakage and a smoke detector (done)
  • Clean the diesel tank (done)
  • New roller-furling (done)
  • Polishing/Repainting the new red-stripes (done)
  • Service the autopilot wheel drive (done)
  • Redesign the solar system (done)
  • New cockpit speakers and VHF external speakers (done)
  • Replace the ventillators (done)
  • New lifelines (done)
  • Remove all bottom paint (done)


  • Thru-hull and seacock replacement (done)
  • Re-wire the mast (new VHF and wind sensor cables), change lights to LED (done)
  • Install new Wind, Log, Depth instruments (done)
  • Go through all the electrical wiring (done)
  • Install new batteries (done)
  • Install a battery splitter and battery monitor (done)
  • Refresh the propane system in the locker (change valves, regulator and flexible hose) (done)
  • New plumbing in the galley and head (done)