"I have the world's largest collection of seashells. I keep it on all the beaches of the world." - Steven Wright
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Why Quietdolphin?

When we bought a Wi-Fi router many years ago, it randomly generated a name and named it QuietDolphin. We liked the name and later registered it as a domain and it kind of just stuck with us ever since.

When the idea of starting a sailing blog came up, we thought that this name actually fits us pretty well. We like to go quiet, don't use the engine only if it's really needed. We also like to avoid attracting too much attention. Between a busy marina and a quiet anchorage, we prefer the latter most of the time. We think the Swedish word "lagom" (just enough, in moderation, perfect-balance) describes our mentality quite well.

Dolphins are beautiful and intelligent, they're highly social, communicative and playful. A species likely on pair with our intelligence, living a life in harmony with their environment. We could learn a lot from them.

As Ran Prieur wrote once:

"Do dolphins pave the ocean floor and build ugly, sprawling underwater cities where they drive jet boats around and get stuck in traffic going to and from their obsessive, meaningless jobs and the little boxes where they sleep and the stores where they buy artificial fish and clothing and gadgets made by dolphins in the southern oceans whose societies are manipulated to lead them to work long days in horrible factories?

No! They frolic and eat fish all day! I suggest that we can do the same thing, that we can become land-dolphins, super-intelligent spiritual animals who spend our lives slacking off and playing. Why aren't we doing this already?"

Except that we think it's possible to do while being afloat, among dolphins!